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Our law firm serving Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, and all of Hampton Roads, VA, can guide you through the legal process in various fields of practice. Call today to speak with an attorney about family law, civil litigation, bankruptcy, criminal defense, and estate planning.

How to Choose the Right Attorney

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There are many legal situations that can prompt the need for a diligent attorney. Finding the attorney that is right for you and your legal needs can make a drastic difference on the outcome of your case. The Chesapeake and Virginia Beach, Virginia attorneys at Slaven Law Group encourage you to take the necessary steps today to find the right attorney.

Consider your legal needs

Legal expertise in many fields of practice

Many attorneys specialize in a very specific area of practice. While such attorneys can offer quality legal services in their particular field, few people need legal counsel and representation in just one narrow area of law. Slaven Law Group has experience in many practice areas, positioning it to offer you expert counsel and representation in situations dealing with family law, criminal defense, bankruptcy, civil litigation and estate planning.

By partnering with Slaven Law Group you receive expert legal representation while confronting many of life’s legal challenges. Our aim is to become your trusted legal resource for all your legal needs. In each case, we zealously strive to protect your rights and legal interests so that you achieve the best possible outcome.

Look for experience

Experienced attorneys in Chesapeake and Virginia Beach, VA

As in any profession, experience goes a long way. Slaven Law Group brings over three decades of legal experience to the Hampton Roads area. Such experience equips our attorneys with the knowledge needed to provide expert service and advice, and it also supports close relationships with judges and other attorneys in the local court system. These relationships may help facilitate a faster, more favorable outcome in your case.

Schedule an initial consultation

Meet with your prospective attorneys, speak to them about your case and develop your own judgment about how the firm will fit your legal needs. Be wary of free consultations, as an attorney that offers his or her time for free may not have the expertise or level of commitment that you need. Call today to schedule an affordable consultation with Slaven Law Group.

We are eager to guide you through the legal process in matters involving family law, bankruptcy, criminal defense, civil litigation and estate planning. For more information and to schedule your affordable initial consultation, call us today.