Personal Injury

Whether you are facing a business deal gone bad, a nuisance perpetrated by a neighbor, or you are the victim of someone else's negligence, you need a knowledgeable attorney and advocate to represent you and vindicate your rights. At Slaven Law Group, we pride ourselves on our commitment to not only vigorously advocate for you but to also educate you during the litigation process so that you can better direct us towards your desired legal objective. Our primary civil practice areas with brief explanations follow:

  • Auto Accident / Personal Injury

    Have you been involved in an auto accident? What are your rights when you are in an accident?

    It is something you never expect and never plan for. So when it does happen to you, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. You suddenly have to deal with law enforcement, insurance companies, medical providers, auto shops, missed work-the list goes on and on. The insurance companies know the pressure you are under, and they often take advantage of your comparative disadvantage. They will contact you early and often, seemingly to lend a sympathetic ear. They press you for details about the accident. They reassure you that they are interested in your medical treatment and speedy recovery. They may offer to pay you money quickly. PLEASE do not fall for their settlement pitch without first educating yourself about your rights as an accident victim. An experienced accident (or "tort") attorney can explain the legal remedies to which you may be entitled, which include compensation for more than just your medical bills. You may be receiving much less than you deserve, and which the law requires of a culpable party, if you go it alone with the adjuster. We pride ourselves on zealously advocating for our injured clients so that they can obtain a just and fair result.
  • Breach of Contract

    What can you do if someone violates or breaches an agreement or contract?

    In Virginia the law recognizes both oral and written contracts. Many simple daily transactions that you engage in involve the law of contracts, everything from making purchases at a store to selling something through the classifieds. If you have been involved in a transaction that did not go as planned, you may have several legal remedies available to you. You may be able to obtain a refund for a purchase ("rescission") or recover money damages. We have experience handling a wide variety of contractual disputes both in and out of court. As you might imagine, in litigating a contract claim, the terms of the contract are the most important source of evidence. If you are involved in negotiating a transaction or contract and want to protect your legal position, you should carefully document each stage of the undertaking, including keeping a log of phone calls, texts, emails and other documents that form the basis of your agreement. For larger transactions, you should consider consulting with an attorney prior to making a final commitment.
  • Real Estate Litigation

    Are you buying or selling real estate? Have you inherited land or property? Has someone trespassed on or damaged your property?

    You may find yourself facing a dispute over real estate in one of several ways. Perhaps you are involved in the purchase or sale of land or a home and something has gone wrong during the process. You may need to litigate to force a sale to go forward, or you may be entitled to damages for breach of a real estate contract. We have the experience to help you pursue your legal rights and preserve your real estate asset or investment. Perhaps you have inherited an interest in real estate as a result of a death in the family. In such situations, family members do not always agree on how to manage or dispose of the real estate interest. In Virginia a partition suit is available to assist a partial owner (a "tenant in common" or "coparcener") to effect a sale of the property and to receive his or her rightful share of the proceeds. We have experience conducting such suits and can help you preserve your valuable interest. Perhaps you have a disagreement with how a neighbor is using their property, or someone has trespassed on or damaged your property. You may be entitled to damages or an injunction to abate a nuisance. We have experience in pursing such civil claims in the local courts in Chesapeake and throughout Hampton Roads.
  • Contractor Disputes

    What are your rights if a contractor mishandles a job or damages your property or overcharges you for services?

    If you are a homeowner, chances are you have had multiple opportunities to hire contractors or other construction professionals to work on your home. If a project does not go as planned due to the fault of the contractor, you have legal rights based in contract law. You may be entitled to a refund ("rescission") or damages for the contractor's breach of contract or warranty. We have experience in reviewing such cases and vigorously litigating claims to help you protect your asset and your good faith expectations.

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