Fees, Payments & Additional Information

Initial Consultations

Initial consultation meetings are offered for a charge of $75.00 in most cases. For cases involving personal injury, the initial consultation is free. Consultations may be scheduled as in-office or telephone consultations, depending on your preference.

Cost of Representation

Standard representation may be offered at a set hourly rate for attorney work, with a lower set rate for paralegal / legal secretary work. Generally a "retainer fee" (i.e., an advance deposit) is collected before the firm begins work on a case. The amount of the retainer fee and the hourly rates depend on the nature of the case and the scope of representation. We will go over the specifics in detail with you before undertaking representation so you can plan accordingly.

As an alternative to hourly rates, for many kinds of cases the Firm may agree to undertake representation for a fixed flat fee. We also offer flat rate fees for preparation of certain legal instruments, such as powers of attorney, wills, advance medical directives and separation agreements.

For flat fee cases payment is generally due in advance. For other bills or expenses, or for hourly cases, clients receive notice of their legal fees through monthly invoices. The Firm also supports paperless solutions and can provide electronic access to invoice and case information, including electronic options for payment.

Payment Methods

We offer you a variety of ways to pay your bill. We take traditional cash and check payments at our office. We are also able to process credit card payments at our office. The Firm accepts credit and debit card payments from Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

You can also pay online through our secure payment portal.